Introducing the PSP Pro Champions and their Challengers

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Introducing the PSP Pro Champions and their Challengers

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All PSP Professional teams competed against each other in the 2013 PSP Dallas Open for one of the 10 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open Pro Champions Division spots. The other Pro teams, as well as newly added Pro Teams, will be competing in the new Challengers Division at the PSP MAO. Here is the official list of PSP Champions and Challengers for the 2013 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open at OXCC Paintball Park in Chesapeake City, Maryland May 3 – 5, 2013:

PSP Champions Division
San Diego Dynasty
Tampa Bay Damage
Los Angeles Infamous
Edmonton Impact
Houston Heat
Los Angeles Ironmen
TonTons Flingueurs
Moscow Red Legion
Chattanooga C.E.P.
San Antonio X-Factor

PSP Challengers Division
upTon 187 cRew
Omaha Vicious
Seattle Thunder
Sacramento XSV
Chicago Aftershock
Sacramento DMG
San Jose Royalty
Texas Storm
Trenton Topgun Union
New Jersey Jesters

As explained earlier in the season, the Challengers Division will use the same format and rules as the Champions, but play on a secondary Professional field during the prelims and will play their final match on the main field for all their fans to watch. The top two teams from the Challengers Division in each event will move up and compete in the PSP Champions Division. They will be replacing the bottom 2 finishers from the Champions Division, who will instead be moved to the Challengers Division.

This system of constant circulation will continue event by event for seasons to come. It is now more important than ever for teams to give their all in each match – as they no longer have just one goal of winning the event – but must perform at their top in every game to make sure they do not suffer the consequence of being knocked out of the Champions Division. Likewise, the Challengers Division teams at each event have the option to perform and move up for the following event.

Who will hold on to their Champions spot, who will be knocked out, who will conquer the Challengers and who will win the entire Pro Championship? The action begins Friday, May 3rd at OXCC Paintball Park in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Enter your team in the event by clicking here.
If you want to watch the Champions Division live, in person – purchase your grandstand tickets here
Unable to make it? Watch it live through the PBA Broadcast at

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