Mike Hinman quits as coach for Dynasty

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Mike Hinman quits as coach for Dynasty

Mensaje por JohannRozd el Mar Ago 21, 2012 2:10 pm

Regarded as one of the most intelligent and victorious professional paintball coaches of all time, Mike Hinman as reportedly parted ways with the most victorious and decorated professional paintball team in history, San Diego Dynasty.

Mike Hinman who played professional paintball for years with top teams like OC Bushwackers, and Chicago Aftershock, later becoming the founder and coach of pro team San Diego Aftermath, then coach for San Diego Dynasty has a reputation in paintball as being strict, forceful, disciplined and committed to winning.

Over the last year and half Mike Hinman has been coaching the star packed team, consisting of players like Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige, and Oliver Lang. Dynasty, although winning some events overseas and still being a top contender in the US, has had a rough patch recently. After 10 glorious years of triumphing over all pro teams, not being known as the team who is dominating every event and flying home to San Diego every time with a 1st place win trophy has taken a toll on the team.

PaintBall.com got word late last night that Coach Mike Hinman has officially quit the team, and rumors on the street have hinted he could be headed to Vicious while others whispering Ironmen, but we know where ever Mike goes he will make an impact on the team, as well the number of times they ascend the podium, with his intelligent and strategic style of paintball.

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